SIG: Intelligent Systems Management

SIG is a revolutionary system that manages the budgets and production, without having to generate a database of articles preconceived.
Because the levels of knowledge for the use of the application are basic, Elim errors.
While in other applications it is necessary to manually generate articles, with their Full Description and breakdowns, SIG generate millions of articles from the characteristics of production machinery and workflow in the production of each product.
The results are spectacular, some basic information about the product, you build the budgets and work order flow.


- Advantages.

• Apply trade margins on different machines and raw materials..

• Automatic generation of millions of products

• Application of general discounts or machinery or raw material.

• Easy to use.

• Budgets uniforms.

• Work Orders and production, fully automated.

• Ability to change the workflow.

• Reports to operator level.

• Intranet, extranet and web.

• Access levels as needed.

• Changeable and adaptable to each company.


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