SIG: Intelligent Systems Management and other

Large software companies are looking for standard applications, serving to all activities and easy maintenance. In his quest to optimize their work, introduce a system suitable for all, with an introduction of items manually.

This is the company behind the definition of the article, the costs, the workflow and the way forward.
As a result the production companies are obliged to generate millions of items in their ERP, and being under their responsibility, that the breakdowns of the items are correct.
Over the years items accumulate and force a review article by article, cost, flow etc.. .Resulting in increasingly common mistakes that are hidden within the system without possibility of correction.
How many times have you made a rule of thumb when you change the quantity of an item?
Does the same price that 900 flyer 1,000 flyer?
The SIG generates the article and cost, and the increases the profit by division or by machine we want to add. Get uniformity in the prices of all items and can be broken down to basic levels. A change in the technical resources of the company, generates a new cost in the article and therefore a new price.
SIG is the system itself that generates the article, no matter the operator to make the budget, the same characteristics, the price is always the same.
The system fits like a glove to the company, the system NEVER company.
The end result is total control of the company at any time.

El SIG genera el articulo y coste, y sobre el, incrementa el beneficio por división o por máquina que queramos añadir. Consigue uniformidad en los precios de todos los artículos y es capaz de desglosarles a niveles básicos. Un cambio en los medios técnicos de la empresa, genera un nuevo coste en el articulo y por tanto un nuevo precio de venta.
En el SIG es el propio sistema el que genera el articulo, da igual el operario que haga el presupuesto, a iguales características técnicas, el precio siempre será el mismo.
El sistema se adapta como un guante a la empresa, NUNCA la empresa al sistema.
EL resultado final, es un control absoluto de la empresa en cada momento.



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