SIG: Intelligent Systems Operation Management

SIG is a comprehensive management system and Intelligent Enterprise. Following the philosophy of the ERP (A single data entry) manages and coordinates the process of production of any item possible.
Since the budget, billing the system generates the article without defining it or put it in a data table.
As main advantage is the ability to offer many items as we can produce, uniform pricing, cost control, production control, cost control and machine division, control of operations by the operator, precise planning, quality control, etc ... .
On a divisional basis and machines, the system automatically generates the articles considering the workflow of each in relation to: Number, item's technical characteristics and finish. Siguiendo siempre el camino más rentable para la empresa y el cliente. Still on the trail more profitable for the company and the customer.
The system built with the technical means available a final article is broken from the moment it is created, its basic elements: raw materials, stores stock (available and reserved), equipment used, hours of work per process flow work, manufacturing orders, delivery notes, invoices.
In turn, the SIG allows the foreman for a new selection of equipment to use and a new workflow of the article, making if you want a recalculation of costs or holding costs and customer price.
Planning systems are achieved and machine operator, getting a real state of the production department at the level of occupation both at any given time and in a period marked.
Each product can be tracked between different departments, all the time knowing their status and their end date. .
The withdrawal of a machine, the replacement by another of higher yields, a change in specifications or costs, is assumed by the system automatically generates new articles or workflows, from the moment you make the switch .
The system builds like articles, broken down to basic levels. Questions like how many hour working a machine in a given period, which has been its cost and benefit are resolved in a click.
What is the machine or the operator more productive?, What has been the best selling item? What the most profitable? Which machine should I withdraw or that buy? In summary Whither the market and what is the future? Is the information obtained from SIG



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