Computer Developments

Software can now provide printing and graphic arts, which allows you to integrate the management and production of print, and direct from anywhere in the world.
On a basic development and complete the application suits your business and needs.

• Graphic arts applications, printing budgets, management, customers, billing, work orders.
• Production control printing, work orders, took plant data. Learn about the historic location and trajectory of a product or batch of products in the production line at a given time.
• Erps and management systems of Graphic Arts.
• Online sale integrated printing system.
• Dispose of all reports of Printing, at the article / product and operator.

• Cross-platform compatible Mac / PC
• Up to 8 TB of storage per file / solution
• Up to 2GB per field.
• Up to 999 simultaneous users via intranet / extranet
• Up to 100 simultaneous connections iwp. (Web)
• Unlimited connections via PHP / XML. (Web)
• Connectivity ODBC / JDBC transmission of information with other applications through the assistance of ODBC / JDBC
* Extraction of data for inclusion in a Web application created using standard Web development tools sector Ruby on Rails, JavaScript or Microsoft. NET Framework.
* Data integration with custom applications based on platforms such as Oracle, SAP or Microsoft SQL.
• SSL encryption to ensure secure data transfer.


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